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Cambridge Community Kitchen is a food solidarity collective dedicated to tackling food poverty in Cambridge. As a collaboration between The Lockon, the local community and other independent volunteers, we aim to provide hot, hearty, vegan meals for anyone who needs one, while strengthening our community and building new systems for mutual care.

We hold the “radical” belief that everyone deserves good food and community support (and more!). The sad truth of our pandemic year is that many of us—especially those most vulnerable to the changing whims of a racist, violent, and exploitative political and economic system—are in more precarious situations than ever before (even as Pfizer, Amazon, and Serco reap record profits). Capitalism and the government have failed us all. By finding new ways to take care of each other, we are resisting these systems and shifting power from corporations and the state and back into our local communities.

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Cambridge Community Kitchen logo

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